Four Benefits of Living in a Student Dorm

Some people believe that living in student dorms means small rooms, many rules you have to follow, and feeling like you are trapped in a protective bubble. However, many of these fears rely on regulations imposed 30 years ago, while most of them are outdated and absurd.

Nowadays, campus housing is the most affordable and nicest option for college students, especially if you are a freshman and need some time to adjust to a new lifestyle. For instance, maybe you are learning how to become a florida notary – american assoc. of notaries, and you need a budget-friendly housing solution.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider living on campus.

It is close

students residenceSome of us don’t want to get used to everything we need within walking distance, but you don’t want additional stress when your classes start. Being relaxed and focused on new opportunities, helps you maintain regular study habits, making friends, and paying attention to your schedule.

Imagine you overslept and skilled your alarm, or you took two classes only five minutes between them. Living in a student doom allows you to overcome nearly impossible situations. The same rule applies to your laundry, securing great seats for special events, and eating at the dining hall.

You finally get to meet your neighbors

One of the best things about living in a student dorm is that you’ll know your neighbors, which isn’t the case when you are at home. You are surrounded by students who have similar interests and are ready to share pains and troubles.

So, instead of wondering who occupies apparent two doors down the hall, you’ll know that your fist neighbor is also a student, attending your university. It means you can make friends or find someone to study with. Keep in mind that lifelong relationships start on campus.

Rules are there to help you

Some students dread following the rules that are associated with campus housing. To be honest, rules are there to make students become even more successful and make their college experience much easier.

Students room

Keep in mind that dealing with a resident advisor is more comfortable than dealing with police. Also, let’s say you accidentally locked yourself out of the room. You can always text your resident advisor to let you in. If you lived in an apartment, you would have to call a locksmith.

Things you don’t need

When living on campus, then the only thing you have to bring with you is the luggage. You don’t have to concern yourself with leas, internet connectivity, utility bills, furniture, etc. These couple of things will make your life much easier.

So, instead of obsessing over your utility bill, living in a dorm helps you focus on studying and living. Eventually, this place becomes your home, where you’ll make some of the best memories in your life. Don’t neglect the possibilities campus provides; otherwise, you will miss your chance to experience some of the best things.