The Best Weed Strains For The Treatment Of Migraine Headaches

With the legal status of marijuana in the certain US states the number of patients who plant to use medical weed is increased. While some states have completely legalized the consumption of cannabis, some people still ask: is weed legal in maryland?

Yes, if you have a medical card! Since there are a lot of patients, we have prepared this article to show you the best cannabis strains for the treatment of headaches. This way, you will, either if you have a medical card or you live in a state where is legal to buy, be able to obtain the right strain for your headaches.

OG Kush

OG Kush is the classic strain that has been around since the 1990s and you can find it almost in any dispensary that sells cannabis. With its powerful sedative and narcotic effects, the strain will treat your headaches successfully but if you are first time user, make sure to test the right dosage.

Marijuana in Open Jar Surrounded by Buds - Centered (Green Crack, Sativa Dominant Hybrid Straint)
Marijuana In Jar

This is a super powerful strain and can couchlock you easily if you consume too much. It would be best to consult with the doctor who will explain to you everything you should know regarding the consumption.

Purple Kush

Another strain from Kush genetics is specially designed to help you with the headaches, as well as with insomnia. This is a pure indica strain that originates from Afghanistan and can produce numbing effects, as this strain has around 20% of THC and almost 1% of CBD!

It is characteristic and recognized due to purple color variations of the buds, as this strain can withstand harsh weather due to its origins. Purple Kush may be a good replacement for OG Kush as these two share the same characteristics as they come from the same genetics.

Blue Dream

Though this is a dominant sativa hybrid, Blue Dream offers up to 24% of THC content, making it great for headaches. However, since this is sativa, have in mind that you should use this strain only during the daytime as it is very likely that you will not be able to sleep.

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Best Cannabis For Headache

Instead, you will be more active and productive as this strain enhances the creative, cognitive and social skills. Therefore, if you need to stay active during the day and you have migraine headaches, this is the best solution! You will stay functional and socially active, while your pain will be gone!

White Widow

Another classic strain that has been around since the 90s, White Widow is a great hybrid that originates from Brazil and India. The sweet flavor, and earthy after taste will make you fall in love with this magnificent strain!

The best part is that can be used both for day time and night time use, depending on the amount you consume. WW can help with the severe migraine headaches due to the powerful indica effects that can make you go numb while sativa effects relax your mind and make you less tense.