Changes In Education Practice From 2015  

There are many books which may help you catching up with current trends in education and this article is also dedicated to learning more about trends in education practice. The book of abstracts which we publish after each conference can help you a great lot so make sure you download it here by searching for abstract book education 2015 file in our download section.

What Has Changed Since You Were A Student?

Chances are many things have changed since our conference attendants were students themselves. We wish to keep you in the know of the latest achievements, breakthroughs and help you connect with other colleagues, so that you could exchange your experiences and learn something new that you too could implement in your classroom or your research. The practices in education systems change from year to year, and this is definitely a good thing. We have so many ideas how we could improve this aspect of childhood development and give them a solid educational background in order to become a fully functional and constructive members of society. Since we were in school ourselves, children have changed, circumstances have changed, schooling methods and teaching materials have also changed. Learning how to function in a completely new environment could be difficult on older teachers, however it is at the same time necessary, because without it you will not be able to connect with your teenage students, for example.

How Do We Keep Up

techAs teachers it is your duty to try and keep up. The best way to do so is to follow current trends in education and make sure you learn more about them each day. But that is not enough. You also will be implementing the new ways of teaching, which can be stressful on many teachers. There are also those who believe that they should not change their practice, if it is giving results. Chances are you students will disagree. Students love changes in the classroom and lessons which are not boring and what they are used to. In addition to that, changes and novelties which you will bring with you back in your classroom after you leave our conference could well in fact boost your desire for work and teaching. Teaching is a profession which takes a lot of creativity and dedication, and we just know that all these new ideas will only make it easier on you to teach and your students to learn.