Education And Learning – Early Language Learning And Language Acquisition Program  

Language learning is a complex process, which seems to be a lot easier for children. Namely, this is because children do not learn, but rather acquire the language of their surroundings. However, in the recent research it has been indicated that even adults could acquire language and that language learning is simply a process which is made a lot easier on younger children due to the plasticity of their young brains.

Are You Interested In Language Learning?

If you are interested in language learning, you could enroll a course with the Dublin City University. However, if you are only interested in a certain aspect of language learning and language acquisition, you do not have to go through the entire studies program which takes up to four years of regular courses. Instead, we have devised a general course that will expand your knowledge about language acquisition, but you will not be studying language or linguistics. Also, if you are into language learning, teaching and researching this or similar topics, with EECERA we also organize Conferences that you could attend or give lectures about your latest achievement. There is so much to be learned when it comes to language learning and language acquisition, that we honestly try to connect people who are interested in learning more about it, whether it is their career of choice or just a fleeting interest.


Join Early Language Learning And Language Acquisition Program

In order to join the Early Language Learning and Language Acquisition Program you do not have to be a regular student with the Dublin City University. However, it is necessary that you pay the fee for the course and of course come with educational background that will allow you to follow the class. For this course the demands are that you have completed the secondary cycle of education, which is to say you do not require high education in order to join this course. However, you could well in fact be a person with a high education background, which does not make any difference. We have also had PhDs in our course as well as Bachelors and people with Master’s degrees. It is also necessary to emphasize that the course itself is based on lectures and practice, so we have prepared a lot of interesting activities during the two-month course. You will also work closely with other participants, as the practical part is help in smaller groups up to 8 persons, and lectures are held in the amphitheater for all course participants. This course could also help you decide whether you want to study language acquisition in the future, so many of our students have first tried this course only to move on to studying Language and Linguistics or similar fields.