Here at EECERA and Dublin City University, we believe in the power of education. We also strive to motivate all our students and participants in Conferences to take part in education in all ways they can. Educating is all about caring and sharing your knowledge with others, but you must also be able to learn as an individual and develop in each aspect.


Breakthroughs In Education

Many people around the world are discovering new things about the education process and it is necessary to learn from them if you want to improve your research or your practice. We help researchers connect with colleagues working in the same field, by organizing Conferences that help connect people and inform them more about the current practice and research globally. We also hope that the breakthroughs will help others work on their own individual professional path and develop. .


Education In Correlation With Other Fields

Education is also closely connected with other fields and we hope that we inspire people to perceive education from all angles. Learning more about psychology, didactic, pedagogy, could definitely help you in your teaching practice. For those who did not have the chance to study all of this in their regular studies, we have also prepared a specially tailored program that will allow you to learn more about related topics. This program is available to our students from different departments, but also to all visitors who would like to enroll for just one course subject and learn a bit more.