The DCU is definitely one of the largest bodies of education in Ireland and the best place to continue your education. At the DCU Institute of Education you can find six education centers that offer a variety of research areas: School of Language, Literacy and Early Childhood Education, School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies, School of Arts Education and Movement, School of Policy and Practice, School of Human Development, School of Inclusive and Special Education.


What We Do

Find out more about everything the Dublin City University has to offer. The educational center, definitely aims to work on continuous, life-long education, educating students, professors, teachers, researchers and basically everyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge about education.



Our primary purpose, is of course to educate university students in a certain branch of education that they choose to enroll. In order to enroll in a group of university students, our students need to submit an application and the best way to find out more about his process is either to visit the Dublin City University in person on Open Doors Day, or contact us via email, or read more information on our webpage.


The DCU also organizes conferences that are dedicated to education and related topics. Our conferences are organized on an annual level, so you would have time to work on your proposal throughout the year. The annual conference is organized in the summer term, but for more information follow our webpage and information that are published there.


At the DCU we believe that the best way to spread the knowledge is to publish the work which is presented in the conference, this is why we devote special attention to publishing the work of our speakers that take part in the conference.

We Research

Topics that we cover with the papers in our conference are various and would appeal to many students and researchers of different branches of science. Of course, they all come together to explain education and latest approaches to education in practice and theory. We hope that our conference shares the latest knowledge in educational theory and helps many teachers of all levels of education improve their practice and learn something new. In addition to that, we offer the publication of all the papers in our conference which will be published in September, following the conference.

EECERA Education Center – Visitors’ Experiences

Read more about our visitors and what they had to say about our programs and conferences.


Julia Donovan

I have first attended your conference in 2006. I must say that I have found the information I have learned there very important for my work as an art teacher at a local college in Dublin. Since then I have come to the conference with the DCU each year, and this year I will be a speaker as well!


Kieran Linton

Ireland is such a beautiful country to visit, and apparently to learn new things too! I have come to Ireland each year for my summer holidays, and visiting this conference makes it so much better. The knowledge I get here I take with me to Scotland, together with amazing memories.


Edmund Csaki

Unfortunately I did not have the chance to find out sooner about this annual conference, but now I plan to come to Ireland each year. In Hungary there are not so many outstanding conferences about education and I plan to get the most of this experience.

Why Choose Us

There are so many annual conferences in Ireland, and across the world, which are devoted to latest achievements and breakthroughs in education. However, our conference definitely offers something you will not be able to find anywhere else. In addition to gathering the best experts in field of education, we also strive to encompass theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge and give practical ides to all of those who choose to attend out conference. Sign to our newsletter in order to find out more information about the up and coming conferences we have prepared for you here at the DCU.